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"Typical of Victor Von Doom, to build a thirty foot statue of himself."

"Reed, what are we doing here? This guy's fast food, strip mall science!"

"This wasn't our first stop, in case you forgot. Besides, Victor's not that bad. He's just a little... larger than life."

"Dreams don't pay the bills, do they?"

"You back this mission, and I'll sign over a fair percentage of any applications."

"Number seventy five. And its application, and penance. "

"What about his first born!?"

"I cannot take orders from the underwear model."

"They crashed it into a wall... a flight simulator!"

"When have I ever asked you to do something you absolutely said you could not do?"

"Five times."

"... I had it at four."

"Oh you're hot!"

"Why, thank you so are you. And I'm not afraid to cry."

"You're on fire."

"Thanks, your pretty good too!"

"No... your on fire!"

"The cloud has fundamentally altered our DNA."


"Eh!! You think you got problems, you take a good look pal. How bad could it be, right? I don't think you... Ok pal take it easy. No no no... don't go out there. Ehh... Buddy!?... I said stop you fruit cake!"

"Don't do drugs!"

"Johnny, you were at four thousand Calvin. Any hotter and your approaching Super Nova."


"No, not sweet. That's the temperature of the sun!"

"Not only could you kill yourself, but you could set fire to the earth's atmosphere and destroy all human life as we know it!"

"Got it. Supernova... bad."

"You guys look like an eighties rock band."

"That's it tinker bell, you wanna fly!?"

"Let's see if we can get blood from a stone!"

"A higher calling; like getting girls and making money?"

"Is there any higher?"

"I've always wanted power. Now, I have an unlimited supply!"

"And no Thing, to stand in your way..."

"Flame on!"

"Victor please..."

"Call me Doom!"

"Do you think fate turned us into Gods, so we could refuse these gifts!?"

"Susan, let's not fight."

"No... let's!"

"... Susan, your fired!"

"It's clobbering time!"

"Damn... I been waitin' to do that!"

"Sorry ladies. Pull over?"

"I need names... and shots!"

Fantastic Four Review

Director: Tim Story

Writers: Mark Frost, Michael France, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

Released: July 8, 2005

Movie length: 106 minutes

Cast: Ioan Gruffudd - Reed Richards

Jessica Alba - Sue Storm

Chris Evans - Johnny Storm

Michael Chiklis - Ben Grimm

Julian McMahon - Victor Von Doom

Hamish Linklater - Leonard

Kerry Washington - Alicia Masters

Laurie Holden - Debbie McIlvane

David Parker - Ernie

Kevin McNulty - Jimmy O'Hoolihan

Maria Menounos - Sexy Nurse

Michael Kopsa - Ned Cecil

Andrew Airlie - Compound Doctor

Pascale Hutton - Nightclub Girlfriend

G. Michael Gray - Nightclub Boyfriend

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