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"Welcome to Alcatraz."

"Better button your collar... boy."

"I haven't seen a new guy in six months. Ya know, it's nice to talk to people. How are the Brooklyn Dodgers doing?"

"Moved to L.A, two years ago."

"Somethin' special about those steps?"

"The higher you sit, the more status you got. So, we kind of play king of the mountain. Except here we don't play for fun, man."

"And you're king..."


"It's a paying job."

"How much?"

"Fifteen cents an hour."

"Well, I always knew crime would pay."

"Gunna stay long?"

"Not long. Only fifteen or twenty years."

"When's your birthday."

"I don't know."

"Jeez... what kind of childhood you have?"


"Hey, guard? Any chance of exchangin' this spoon? Looks like it was stickin' in someones ass."

"I'd like to find out about joining the kitchen detail."

"Do you cook?"

"You're goddamn right I can cook. Hey, I used to be a short order cook down in a cafe, down in Georgia. Everyone loved my meatballs!

"Ya... what happened? You quit or get fired?"

"Neither, I robbed the cafe...

"You wouldn't know talent if it looked you in the face."

"Well, I'm lookin' at you in the face and I don't see jack shit."

"How's the raft and life jackets coming?"

"Ok, I'll think they'll be done Tuesday."

"Tuesday night, we go."

Escape From Alcatraz movie lines Review

Director: Don Siegal

Writers: J. Campbell Bruce and Richard Tuggle

Released: June 22, 1979

Movie length: 112 minutes

Cast: Clint Eastwood - Frank Morris

Patrick McGoohan - Warden

Roberts Blossom - Doc

Jack Thibeau - Clarence Anglin

Fred Ward - John Anglin

Paul Benjamin - English

Larry Hankin - Charley Butts

Bruce M. Fischer - Wolf

Frank Ronzio - Litmus

Fred Stuthman - Johnson

David Cryer - Wagner

Madison Arnold -Zimmerman

Blair Burrows - Fight Guard

Bob Balhatchet - Medical Technical Assistant

Matthew Locricchio - Exam Guard

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