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"Well, this is a great day for Adolf Hitler!"

"I'm ultra cleared."

"So, they say you're not crazy anymore..."

"You know, without your glasses, you don't look half bad."

"Do you know, with my glasses, nor do you."

"I like numbers. Because with numbers truth and beauty are the same thing. You know you're getting somewhere when the equations start looking beautiful."

"Girls, you couldn't even hope to meet, go weak at the knees at the thought of the size of your brain."

"But, of all these names, you are the only one who got fucked into a nervous breakdown by a missing blond."

"Your back in business, old thing."

"Now the wolves will be gathering."

"Snug as a bug in a rug."

"... Seeing each other's brains out."

"Do you want to abort?"

"Are you serious?"

Enigma Review

Director: Michael Apted

Writers: Robert Harris and Tom Stoppard

Released: September 28, 2001

Movie length: 119 minutes

Cast: Dougray Scott - Thomas Jericho

Kate Winslet - Hester Wallace

Saffron Burrows - Claire

Jeremy Northam - Wigram

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau - Puck

Tom Hollander - Logie

Donald Sumpter - Leveret

Matthew Macfadyen - Cave

Richard Leaf - Baxter

Ian Felce - Proudfoot

Bohdan Poraj - Pinker

Paul Rattray - Kingcome

Richard Katz - De Brooke

Tom Fisher - Upjohn

Robert Pugh - Skynner

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