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"I'm going."

"Will you bring back some cigarettes?"

"I'm not coming back."


"I'm not coming back."

"What do you mean?"

"I'm going and I'm not going... to come back."

"You're not ever coming back?"


"What do you do to get out?"

"What do I do?"


"What are the things to do? What are the things anyone does? Pussy... I don't know. Pussy... power... money... adventure... I think that's it... self destruction... I... think that's it. Don't you?"


"Religion... I s'pose that's it."

"Now, look what you've done. Now, look what you've bloody fucking done."

"Did you kill that girl in her apartment?"

"Yes. But I want to tell you something. I didn't mean to. But... want to hear something funny? Now don't laugh... I think I just had too much coffee. I'll tell you something else. I think there are just too many people in the world. I think that's why we kill each other."

"Why did you kill that girl?"

"I... don't... I... I don't... I ahh... I don't think... I don't... I... I don't..."

Edmond Review

Director: Stuart Gordon

Writers: David Mamet

Released: November 24, 2006

Movie length: 82 minutes

Cast: William H. Macy - Edmond

Frances Bay - Fortune Teller

Rebecca Pidgeon - Wife

Joe Mantegna - Man in Bar

Denise Richards - B-Girl

Wendy Thompson - Cocktail Waitress

Vincent Guastaferro - Club Manager

Ling Bai - Peep Show Girl

Matt Landers - Bystander

Dulé Hill - Sharper

Russell Hornsby - Shill

Aldis Hodge - Leafleeter

Debi Mazar - Matron

Mena Suvari - Whore

Jeffrey Combs - Desk Clerk

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