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"My name is, Harlan Fairfax Caruthers."

"What's your line Harlan?"

"Well, I'm in the middle of figuring that out right now. But, I have a background in ranchin."

"Not much ranching around here..."

"Not that much anymore, but anyway, you know you'd be surprised how those skills apply in a lot of other areas."

"You're right, I would be."

"Look, you got something in there that is mine, and I ain't lookin' to give it up cheap. If I come in there, I'm comin' in hot! You got a lot of nerve shootin' at me! Half of that was mine, and there was plenty of that for everyone... Keep it down, yourself! You think I like listening to your game shows all day?"

"I wondered if that branch had a purpose? Maybe it's there to bide shade. Maybe, it will get cut down make someone a nice piece of furniture one day? Maybe it's supposed to have a swing on it? I don't know... maybe it's just there so the tree can balance itself... I lean toward the swing. It seemed kinda hopeful to me. Now, I see you sittin' up there, and I know I was right."

"That's a single action colt .45. They been makin' that gun since 1873. And they ain't made a single change to it. That's how sweet it is. Everyone you ever heard of: Wyatt Earp, Billy The Kid, all of 'em. They had a gun, just like this."

"I've never heard so many huckster remedies."

"I've often felt something mysterious, that something hidden, was keeping itself hidden from me. And, I've spent years trying to guess at it. Now life has gone and revealed my purpose to me all at once. And everything else, just seems like an illusion. ...Like a painted wooden horse."

Down In The Valley Review

Director: David Jacobson

Writers: David Jacbson

Released: Decmeber 9, 2005

Movie length: 114 minutes

Cast: Edward Norton - Harlan

Evan Rachel Wood - Tobe

David Morse - Wade

Rory Culkin - Lonnie

Bruce Dern - Charlie

John Diehl - Steve

Geoffrey Lewis - Sheridan

Elizabeth Peña - Gale

Kat Dennings - April

Hunter Parrish - Kris

Aviva - Sherri

Aaron Fors - Jeremy

Heather Ashleigh - Shell

Jennifer Echols - Rita

Cesar Flores - Hispanic Kid

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