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"The woods are lovely, dark and deep, and I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep. Did you hear me butterfly? Miles to go before you sleep."

"Chartreuse... The only liquor so good they named a color after it!"

"Jungle Julia Lukai..."

"Stuntman Mike Mckay..."

"Well... good to me you Stuntman Mike. Now my friends and I are gunna continue to get our weed on..."

"How does one become a stuntman, Stuntman Mike?"

"Well, in Hollywood, any one fool enough to throw themselves down a flight of stairs can usually find somebody to pay'em for it. But really I got in the business the way most people get in the stunt business."

"How's that?"

"My brother got me in it."

"Who's your brother?"

"Stuntman Bob."

"Do I frighten you? ... Is it my scar?"

"It's your car."

"Wow! That's fucking scary."

"Ya well... I wanted it to be impressive. Scary tends to impress."

"Is it safe?"

"It's better than safe... it's death proof."

"Back in the 'all or nothing days', the 'vanishing point' days, the 'dirty Larry crazy Mary' days, the 'white lion fever days'... real cars smashed into real cars, with real dumb people drivin'em."

"Remember when I said this car is death proof? Well that wasn't a lie. This car is a hundred percent death proof. Only to get the benefit of it honey... you really need to be sittin' in my seat!"

"Any of them survive?"

"Shit... two tons of metal; two hundred miles an hour, flesh and bone, and plain ol' Newton. They all princess died."

Death Proof Review

Director: Quentin Tarrantino

Writer: Quentin Tarrantino

Released: May 31, 2007

Movie length: 114 minutes (international version) / 90 minutes (edited version)

Cast: Kurt Russell - Stuntman Mike

Zoe Bell - Herself

Rosario Dawson - Abernathy

Vanessa Ferlito - Arlene

Sydney Tamiia Poitier - Jungle Julia

Tracie Thoms - Kim

Rose McGowan - Pam

Jordan Ladd - Shanna

Mary Elizabeth Winstead - Lee

Quentin Tarantino - Warren

Marcy Harriell - Marcy

Eli Roth - Dov

Omar Doom - Nate

Michael Bacall - Omar

Monica Staggs - Lanna Frank

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