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"I prefer the worst poverty, to losing you..."

"We permit raids in enemy territory for food, but hands off the women, or you'll be shot! In France, no raids at all. We show discipline!"

"Why did you get enlisted?"

"For the money... so we can marry you off."

"We're the men of Africa come here from afar. We've come from the colonies to save the father land. We've left behind our families and our homes. And our hearts are full of invincible fervor. For we wish to bear high and proud the cherished flag of sweet France. Should someone try to part us we're here to die at her feet. Drums roll to mark out love for our country and land. We've come from afar to die, we're men of Africa."

"I have the power of life and death, over you!"

"You'll lead the men... Any trouble, take out a cigarette. Before you light it, it'll be over."

"We're changing the destiny of France. Things must change for us, too!"

"Wogs aren't cut out to lead men."

"That day will come, Sergeant."

"In Alsace, the 37th U.S Division has broken through. They're under attack, and require reinforcements and ammunition. We must hold this bridgehead until the general attack due any day. Captain Durieux, needs brave men, men of experience. It's a very dangerous mission."

"I'll volunteer for it, sir."

"I shall fight with my body and soul, as I have always done."

Days Of Glory Review

Director: Richard Bouchareb

Writers: Richard Bourchareb

Released: September 27, 2006

Movie length: 123 / 128 minutes (France)

Cast: Jamel Debbouze - Saïd Otmari

Samy Naceri - Yassir

Roschdy Zem - Messaoud Souni

Sami Bouajila - Abdelkader

Bernard Blancan - Sergent Roger Martinez

Mathieu Simonet - Caporal Leroux

Benoît Giros - Capitaine Durieux

Mélanie Laurent - Margueritte village Vosges

Antoine Chappey - Le colonel

Assaad Bouab - Larbi

Aurélie Eltvedt - Irène

Thomas Langmann - Le journaliste

Thibault de Montalembert - Capitaine Martin

Dioucounda Koma - Touré

Philippe Beglia - Rambert

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