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"By the time I finish this sentence, about seven people around the world will make a huge mistake."

"They call them the Darwin awards. In the late seventies, they started giving out an award each year to the person who died in the most idiotic way. The idea being; these people actions are so moronic, they are actually improving the gene by removing themselves from it."

"So... what made you choose me for this project anyway?"

"You were the only one on the force who agreed to do it."

"Hey! Who found the fish?"

"You fell. It's not like you thought 'Hey, I'm gunna lie down and look for fish in the trees!'"

"What is this?"

"The Piano Man. He rocks."

"Stan... ever get the feelin' there's whole other world out there?"

"... What like Europe?"

"I could ram a spork up your ass!"

"Hey can you shine that light down again? I wanna light a bone!"

"... Dude, I'm tokin' simultaneously!"

"I want to find a way to prevent these deaths. I have to know why they do it."

"I'll tell you why. Did you know that companies intentionally build in mistakes to monthly bills, hoping you won't notice? Just so they can save a few pennies. And insurance firms like the one I work for? We have a... a policy of rejecting every claim right off the bat. And if you call to dispute that claim you get put on hold. And then you get sent through an endless maze of voice mail menus, until you just give up. All these minor insults? They build up over the years. Finally people just... people just lose their shit. And you feel... powerless and faceless... and you end up strapping a jet rocket to your Chevy."

"You've gone from robot to rehab candidate."

"Well, as the man says 'Only the dead are disconnected.'"

"The world is a beautiful place to be born into. If you don't much mind a few dead minds in the higher places. Or a bomb or two now and then in your upturned faces!"

"We shall go no more a roving..."

"They never found any common trait for the X-factor. Tomorrow there's gunna be another ten thousand accidents. Another thousand murders. Hundred thousand coronaries..."

"Burrows, it is not your job to save the world. It's impossible."

The Darwin Awards Review

Director: Finn Taylor

Writer: Finn Taylor

Released: Month Day Year

Movie length: 90 minutes

Cast: David Arquette - Harvey

Ty Burrell - Emile

Josh Charles - Paramedic

Kevin Dunn - Insurance Exec

Nora Dunn - Mrs. Pearlman

Joseph Fiennes - Michael Burrows

Judah Friedlander - Simon

Lukas Haas - Farley

Tom Hollander - Henry

Brad Hunt - Stan

Juliette Lewis - Joleen

Julianna Margulies - Carla

Tim Blake Nelson - Perp

Alessandro Nivola - Ad Exec

Chris Penn - Tom

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