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"It's on..."

"It's a two step contract. Everything you need to know is there."

"You the new guy, Davis?"

"No no no way... I the guy here to ice the floor for skating."

"Dad, it's not a big deal. You know everybody smokes pot these days."

"Bullshit Chris, do I look like a chump?"

"Hey, I thought you and I could do somethin' together, ya know? Somethin' you like doin."

"Well ahh... cop took all my reefers, Dad."

"Pot makes you stupid, it lowers your I.Q."

"So you smoked it more than I did, huh?"

"Shit... I hate scenery."

"I don't have to help. I'm the bad guy."

"By the way, if anything happens to Ray Keane or his son, I'll be coming after you. Depend on it."

The Contract Review

Director: Bruce Beresford

Writers: Stephen Katz and John Darrouzet

Released: November 23, 2006

Movie length: 96 minutes

Cast: Jamie Anderson - Chris Keene

Ned Bellamy - Deputy Montgomery

Margarita Blush - Nurse

Rich Cowan - Forestry Man

John Cusack - Ray Keene

Doug Dearth - Helicopter Trooper

Megan Dodds - Sandra

Didem Erol - Reporter

Morgan Freeman - Frank Cordell

Jonathan Hyde - Turner

Corey Johnson - Davis

Alice Krige - Miles

Thomas Lockyer - Johnson

Ryan McCluskey - Dan Lochland

Mircea Monroe - Reporter

Paul Ripple - Helicopter Pilot #2

Ian Shaw - Michaels

William Tapley - Gordon Jennings

Lonny W. Waddle - Police Officer

Les Weldon - TV Anchorman

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