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"Between the time when then oceans drank Atlantis. And the rise of the suns of Arius. There was an age undreamed of. And on to this, Conan, destined to wear the jeweled crown of Aqualonia, upon a troubled brow. It is I, his chronicler, who alone can tell thee of his saga. Let me tell you... of the days of high adventure!"

"Fire and wind come from the sky. The Gods of the sky. But Krom is your God. Krom, and he lives in the Earth. Once giants lived in the Earth, Conan. And in the darkness of chaos, they fooled Krom, and they took from him the enigma of steel. Krom was angered and the Earth shook. And fire and wind struck down these giants, and they threw their bodies into the waters. But in their rage, the gods forgot the secret of steel, and left it on the battlefield. And we who found it, are just men. Not Gods. Not giants. Just men... The secret of steel has always carried with it a mystery. You must learn its riddle, Conan. You must learn its discipline. For no one, no one in this world can you trust. Not men, not women, not beasts. ... This you can trust."

"He did not care any more. Life and death... the same. Only that the crowd would be there, to greet him with howls of lust and fury."

"He was taken to the east. A great prize. Where the war masters would teach him the greatest secrets. Language and writing were made available. The poetry of Ki-tai, the philosophy of Sung. And he also came to know the pleasures of women. When he was bred to the finest stock. But always, there remained the discipline of steel."

"What is best in life?"

"The open step, a freed horse, falcons at your wrist and the wind in your hair."

"Wrong!! Conan, what is best in life?"

"Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women.

"That is good."

"Who are you?"

"I am Sobotai. Thief and archer."

"What are you doing here?"

"Dinner for wolves."

"What gods to you pray to?"

"I pray to the Four Winds. And you?"

"To Krom. But I seldom pray to him. He doesn't listen."

"Krom laughs at your four winds! Laughs from his mountain!"

"Does it always smell like this? How does the wind ever get in here?"

"Two or three years ago it was just another Snake cult. Now? ... Everywhere."

"I am evil."

"You are a slut."

"Draw slowly... it's the good stuff."

"We have come, to climb that tower."

"You don't even have a rope."

"What on earth could smell so bad?"

"Do you want to live forever?"

"What daring! What outrageousness! What insolence! What arrogance! ... I salute you."

"Thulsa Doom... I've chafed for years at this Demi-god."

"Steal my daughter back. Steal all you can carry. There's more. There's much more. Enough to become kings yourself. There comes a time, a thief, when the jewels cease to sparkle. When the gold loses its luster. When the throne room becomes a prison. And all that is left, is a father's love for his child."

"Please, let someone else pass by in the night. Let us take the world by the throat, and make it give us what we desire."

"The children of doom. Doom's children. They told my lord the way to the mountain of power. They told him to throw down his sword and return to the Earth. Ha!... Time enough for the Earth in the grave."

"Once great men lived here. Giants! Gods! Once, but long ago."

"I'm a wizard mind you. This place is kept by powerful Gods and Spirits of kings. Harm my flesh and you will have to deal with the dead!"

"Can you summon demons wizard?"

"Yes! To strike at you, I would summon more ferocious than all in hell!..."



"Do flowers grow around here?"

"Flowers!? Ha! Hehehe... flowers."

"Oil the sword, and feed the horse."

"Warrior, who are the flowers for?"

"For a girl!"

"Where are you going, brother?"

"I'm scared."

"Afraid? To bare yourself? Why? You're so big and so well grown."

"What do you see?"

"Uhh... infinity."

"The riddle of steel..."

"Why do you cry?"

"He is Conan. A Samarian. He won't cry... so I cry for him."

"For us there is no Spring. Just the wind that smells fresh, before the storm."

"Krom! I've never prayed to you before. I have no tongue for it. No one. Not even you will remember if we were good men, or bad. Why we fought. Why we died. No... All that matters, is that two stood against many. That is what is important. Balro pleases you, Krom. So grant me one request. Grant me revenge! And if you do not listen... then to hell with you!"

"Many wars and feuds, did Conan fight. Honor and fear were heaped upon his name and, in time, he became a king by his own hand..."

Conan The Barbarian Review

Director: John Milius

Writers: Robert E. Howard, John Milius and Oliver Stone

Released: May 14, 1982

Movie length: 129 minutes

Cast: Arnold Schwarzenegger - Conan

James Earl Jones - Thulsa Doom

Max von Sydow - King Osric

Sandahl Bergman - Valeria

Ben Davidson - Rexor

Cassandra Gava - The Witch

Gerry Lopez - Subotai

Mako - The Wizard/Narrator

Valérie Quennessen - The Princess

William Smith - Conan's Father

Luis Barboo - Red Hair

Franco Columbu - Pictish Scout

Leslie Foldvary - Sacrificial Snake Girl

Gary Herman - Osric's Guard

Erik Holmey - Turanian War Officer

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