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"Don't give me any of that shit, Reg. I had to jerk off twice this morning just to get my heart started!"

"How you doin', Herb?"

"Can't eat. Can't sleep. Put shit as the adventure of my day."

"When are you going to marry that girl in '3A'?"

"Who said I want to get married?"

"... Then I'll marry her, you can be my best man."

"Sure, only if you have a nudist wedding, how 'bout that?"

"May I take you order?"

"Ya... I'll have a bacon cheeseburger and a blow job."

"Will learn a new song to sing, please!?"

"You can't say what you don't know."

"We all got reasons."

"Stick the Friar Tuck act up your ass!"

"How'd we get this way son? I remember the day you were born."

"Ya? I remember the day you left, so we're even."

City By The Sea Review

Director: Michael Caton-Jones

Writers: Mike McAlary and Ken Hixon

Released: September 6, 2002

Movie length: 108 minutes

Cast: Robert De NiroVincent LaMarca

Frances McDormand - Michelle

James Franco - Joey "Nova" LaMarca

Eliza Dushku - Gina

William Forsythe - Spyder

Patti LuPone - Maggie LaMarcaJohn Doman - Henderson

Brian Tarantina - Snake

Drena De Niro - Vanessa Hansen

Michael P. Moran - Herb

Nestor Serrano - Rossi

Matthew Cowles - Arnie

Linda Emond - Margery Duffy

Cyrus Farmer - Carl

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