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"Shoot, Timmy."

"That's Danny."

"Do you take drugs, Danny?"



"Danny, this isn't Russia. Is this Russia? This isn't Russia is it?"

"What's wrong with lumber? I own two lumber yards."

"I notice you don't spend to much time there."

"Not sure where they are..."

"I like you, Benny."

That's Danny, sir.

"There's a force in the universe that makes things happen. And all you got to do, is get in touch with it. Stop thinking... Let things happen... and be the ball."

"Oh, Mrs. Crane, your a little monkey woman, you know that? Your a little monkey woman..."

"Big hitter, the Lama. Long."

"And I say, eh Lama! Hey! How bout' a little somethin', you know. For the effort, you know. And he says 'Oh... ahh, there won't be any money. But, when you die, on your death bed, you will receive total consciousness.'... So I got that going for me, which is nice."

"Don't sell yourself short judge. You are a tremendous slouch."

"I bet, ya slice it into the woods, a hundred bucks."

"The man's a menace!"

"So, what do you do?"

I enjoy skinny skiing... bull fights on acid.

"Hey you want to make fourteen dollars, the hard way?"

"Wait up girls, I got a salami I gotta hide still."


"Thank you very little."

"Here's an un-cashed check for seventy thousand dollars."

"Keep it."

"My uncle says you got a screw loose."

"Oh, ya? Your uncle molests collies."

"I was born to love you!"

"I was born to lick your face!"

"I was born to rub you."

"But, you were born to rub me first."

"I feel like a hundred dollars."

"Oh... rat farts!"

"Who made you pope of this dump, huh?"

"Me winning isn't. You do."

"Hey everybody, we're all going to get laid!"

Caddyshack Review

Director: Harold Ramis

Writers: Brian Doyle-Murray and Harold Ramis

Released: July 25, 1980

Movie length: 98 minutes

Cast: Chevy Chase - Ty Webb

Rodney Dangerfield - Al Czervik

Ted Knight - Judge Elihu Smails

Michael O'Keefe - Danny Noonan

Bill Murray - Carl Spackler

Sarah Holcomb - Maggie O'Hooligan

Scott Colomby - Tony D'Annunzio

Cindy Morgan - Lacey Underall

Dan Resin - Dr. Beeper

Henry Wilcoxon - The Bishop

Elaine Aiken - Mrs. Noonan

Albert Salmi - Mr. Noonan

Ann Ryerson - Grace

Brian Doyle-Murray - Lou Loomis

Hamilton Mitchell - Motormouth

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