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"Sunday, the FBI successfully concluded an investigation to end a very serious breach, in the security of the United States. The arrest of Robert Hanssen, for espionage should remind us all. Every American should know that our nation, our free society, is an international target, in a dangerous world."

"I'm going to be an agent."

"Gene tells me, you're confident bordering on cocky. He also says you can park it, when necessary."

"Yes, ma'am."

"He's the best computer guy we've got. ... He's also a sexual deviant."

"Tell me five things about yourself. Four of them true."

"I don't think I'd do much good at bluffing."

"That would of counted as your lie, right there."

"Agent Hansen, my name is Eric."

"No, your name is 'Clerk'. My name is 'Sir', or 'Boss'... if you can manage."

"If I ever catch you in my office again, you're going to be pissin' purple for a week!"

"My Lord, you are as dumb as a bag of hammers, aren't you?"

"An FBI agent is never off duty."

"I don't know what I'm supposed to be looking for with this guy, it's not like he's gunna bring a train of hookers through the office."

"I wrote a program last night using nothing but one's and zero's, just to see if I could do it. Six hundred and twelve bits of encryption, completely unbreakable... but, you get the office with a window."

"Nobody ever put me on a perversion detail before."

"He's a traitor Eric. He started spying for the Russians, we think in 1985."

"The damage he's done the U.S government is in the billions. But that's just the money part. He's also given up lives."

"Probably enough microwaves in that office to cook a chicken."

"This is the worst breach in the history of U.S intelligence."

"What if he's smarter than I am? I've never misread anybody this bad before... Except maybe you."

"A couple of years ago, the bureau put together a task force. Lots of assets had been disappearing. So this task force was formed, to find the mole who was giving them up. Our best analysts poring over data for years looking for the guy, and they could never quite find him. Guess who was put in charge of the task force? ... He was smarter than all of us."

"Somebody takes a shit on you, you don't reschedule."

"Is it worth it? Being an agent? Whatever it costs... Do you think it's worth it?"

"Ask me when we've caught him."

"The guy's melting down."

"It would bother me a lot less, if he didn't have a dozen guns in his trunk."

"You are who you are. The 'why' doesn't mean a thing, does it? Does it!?"

"Can you imagine, sitting in a room with a bunch of your colleagues, everybody trying to guess the identity of a mole and all the while... it's you they're after, you they're looking for? That must be very satisfying, wouldn't you think?"

"That was the worst spy in U.S history you brought down. Now, you're just gunna walk away?"

"Can you think of a better time to walk away?"


Breach Review

Director: Billy Ray

Writers:Adam Mazer, William Rotko and Billy Ray

Released: February 16, 2007

Movie length: 110 minutes

Cast: Chris Cooper - Robert Hanssen

Ryan Phillippe - Eric O'Neill

Laura Linney - Kate Burroughs

Caroline Dhavernas - Juliana O'Neill

Gary Cole - Rich Garces

Dennis Haysbert - Dan Plesac

Kathleen Quinlan - Bonnie Hanssen

Bruce Davison - John O'Neill

Jonathan Watton - Geddes

Tom Barnett - Jim Olsen

Jonathan Potts - D.I.A. Suit

David Huband - Photographer

Catherine Burdon - Agent Nece

Scott Gibson - Agent Sherin

Courtenay J. Stevens - Agent Loper

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