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Boyz N The Hood movie lines rating: R

"I'm livin'... that's enough for me."

"This fool got more comic books than a muthafucka!"

"Five dollars? Man, that ain't shit. I can make more than that doin' nothin."

"All you ever do around here is eat, sleep and shit!"

"Get off me... with your big, four by four head."

"I'm gettin' old?"


"No no no no no... I'm gettin' better, young brotha."

"Why you sweatin' me, man?"

"Big country booty? Big country titties? Booya!"

"Young brother, I think you can do anything you put your mind to."

"What, you all Amos and Andy? You steppin' and he's fetchin?"

"If there was a God, why he be lettin' muthafuckers get smoked every night?"

"Either they don't know. Don't show. Or don't care about what's goin' on in the hood."

Boyz N The Hood Review

Director: John Singleton

Writer: John Singleton

Released: July 12, 1991

Movie length:107 minutes

Cast: Laurence Fishburne - Jason 'Furious' Styles

Cuba Gooding Jr. - Tré Styles

Ice Cube - Darin 'Doughboy' Baker

Morris Chestnut - Ricky Baker

Nia Long - Brandi

Angela Bassett - Reva Devereaux

Tyra Ferrell - Brenda Baker

Lexie Bigham - Mad Dog

Hudhail Al-Amir - S.A.T. Man

Lloyd Avery II - Knucklehead #2

Mia Bell - Female Club Member

Kenneth A. Brown - Little Chris

Nicole Brown - Brandi at age 10

Ceal - Sheryl

Desi Arnez Hines II - Tré Styles at age 10

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