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"All I am saying, is I want to be treated like a human being."

"I want my leg."

"Why? Can't feel it know how! ..."

"It's my leg! I want my leg can't you understand. Can't you understand that?"

"He goes all the way over there to Vietnam, and he gets killed by a flying fuckin' tree..."

"I'd have my dick and my balls, and I think Timmy, I'd give everything I believe in. Everything I got. All my values, just to have my body back again. Just to be a whole again. I'm not whole. I never will be and that's the way it is, isn't it?"

"For Christ's sake Ronny, it's your birthday. Your alive! You made it... smile!"

"The sand, the sun. We could take a plane, we could leave tonight. Tonight... let's go tonight."

"I think your really crazy."

"I just want to dance. Give me my chair! ... I just want to dance. Give me my chair!"

"Who's gunna love me?"

"How long's this game being going on for?"

"Fifty five hours."

"How long you been here?"

"Hundred fuckin' years."

"What the fuck do you mean, 'I wasn't there', man!?"

"We love the people in America very much. But when it comes to the government, it stops right there. The government is a bunch of corrupt thieves, rapists and robbers. We are here to say; we don't have to take it, anymore. We are here to say... we are here to tell the truth. We are killing our brothers in Vietnam, and we want them to hear the truth."

"What are you going to say tonight, Mr. Kovak."

"I'm just going to tell them the truth."

"It's been a long wait for us Vets. Just lately, I've felt like I'm home. You know like... Maybe, we're home."

Born On The Fourth Of July Review

Director: Oliver Stone

Writers: Ron Kovak and Oliver Stone

Released: December 20, 1989

Movie length: 145 minutes

Cast: Tom Cruise - Ron Kovic

Raymond J. Barry - Mr. Kovic

Caroline Kava - Mrs. Kovic

Josh Evans - Tommy Kovic

Jamie Talisman - Jimmy Kovic

Anne Bobby - Suzanne Kovic

Samantha Larkin - Patty Kovic

Tom Berenger - Recruiting Gunnery Sgt. Hayes

Frank Whaley - Timmy

Jerry Levine - Steve Boyer

Richard Panebianco - Joey Walsh

Rob Camilletti - Tommy Finnelli

Stephen Baldwin - Billy Vorsovich

Michael McTighe - Danny Fantozzi

Richard Haus - Recruiting Sgt. Bowers

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