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"When we are children, we believe the world is full of magic. We believe in myths and legends, and that destiny awaits. That is the world I remember, and the world I wish I'd never known..."

"To Vivian... the pride of the pack, and her bright future!"

"I heard there were places where wolves were almost worshiped, but I didn't think they meant it literally. Strictly speaking, they were not actual wolves. They were called Loogaroo."

"You mean, Werewolves."

"When they come for you, they'll come in numbers, with guns. And not just for you, for all of us."

"Spoken like a bitch who's been there."

"Hunt as a pack, or not at all."

"If you are the one from the prophecy... soon I will ask you to be my wife."

"You want to be ordinary. You're not ordinary. Ask the animal who is inside you... She will teach you."

"All hail, the queen of the night. The beauty of Bucharest. She will hunt... and hunt Supreme."

"I had the taste of blood and chocolate in my mouth. One as hateful as the other."

"This thing before you is called man. But I call it... menace."

"He's a rare find, isn't he? Medium rare..."

"Bribe him, threaten him, whatever it takes. He spends not one more night in this city. He stays? He dies..."

"You stupid meat! I was here to save you. Warn you! But now you're mine..."

"It's not the hunt I live for. It's the running. The being free!"

"You must be in some hairy situation. Hmm...?"

"I want your antigen, your bullets and your dust!"

"You want to shoot your own family? You want to be that hunter? On that snowy night? Then I give you my back... that's all you deserve."

"May you know the 'Age of Hope' when you see it."

"This is my world. These are my people. People who believe in prophecies, and destinies... I believe we make our own."

Blood And Chocolate Review

Director: Ehren Kruger

Writers: Ehren Kruger, Christopher B. Landon and Annette Curtis Klause

Released: Month Day Year

Movie length: 105 minutes

Cast: Agnes Bruckner - Vivian

Hugh Dancy - Aiden

Olivier Martinez - Gabriel

Katja Riemann - Astrid

Bryan Dick - Rafe

Chris Geere - Ulf

Tom Harper - Gregor

John Kerr - Finn

Jack Wilson - Willem

Vitalie Ursu - Constani

Bogdan Voda - Albu

Kata Dobó - Beatrice

Rodica Mandache - Mrs. Bellagra

Helga Racz - Young Vivian

Lia Bugnar - Young Vivian's Mother

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