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Blades Of Glory movie lines rating: PG-13

"And there's the arm. You know what that means..."

"Yes, the galloping peacock!"

"So important to remember, that dove was in his suit the whole time!"

"Jimmy! Jimmy! I sent you a cup of my blood. Did you get my blood? Jimmy!"

"You smell like a winner!"

"Hey MacElroy, was that your routine, or a performance of Cirque De So Lame. Besides, you're too late. They already handed out the girls medals this morning."

"Shut up, Michaels. That was text book execution. Same scores as I beat you with in Oslo."

"Hey, I was on Quaalude's. I don't even remember Oslo. But I remember Boston. And that victory was a sweet as the cream pie from which the town was named... Gotta step aside home school. There's a new sheriff in town."

"You know who he is; sex on ice!"

"The undefeatable underdog, ice skatings back door lover; Chazz Michael Michaels has come here and captivated this arena like a stack of classic 'Euro' porn."

"Chazz Michael Michaels; an ice devouring sex tornado! Spawned in the hell fires of Mowtown!"

"Troubled childhood? If you call being a nine year old kid with a thirty five year old girlfriend trouble."

"The only skater to win four national championships and an adult film award."

"He recently published a book of poetry: 'Let Me Get My Poems In You"

"Before a competition I like to work with leather. The Native Americans always say that working with hides and pelts releases the soul... These are a couple diaper bags I made for Faith Hill."

"Personal philosophy? Clothing optional."

"That my friend, is how baby's are made.

""Get out of my face."

"I'll get inside your face."

"Chazz Michael Michaels walks alone. That's why they call me the lone wolf. On my back there."

"Was it good for you Stack-o, 'Cause it was good for me! Let's have a smoke!"

"You smell like aftershave and taco meat..."

"Yes I do!"

"You an official here? 'Cause you have officially given me a boner! I'm a sex addict. It's my cross to bear. It's a real disease with doctors and medicine and everything!"

"You gotta start skating again, Jimmy. It's embarrassing, stalking a has been. You know what I mean? I almost gave up on you. I started working with that Ukrainian skater, you know the one that looks like Elvis? And I moved to the Ukraine, and it was cold and everyone had guns, and smelled like soup..."

"Mind bottling, isn't it."

"Not only did we embarrass Marky Mark, we let down the Funky Bunch."

"We're going straight up the ass of the competition, Scott."

"What do you guys have, that none of the other teams don't have?"

"Twin dongs."

"For about a month my urine smelled like marshmallows."

"Whoever invented rope was a real A-hole."

"I'm the steak. You're the sizzle."

"These guys put the bone in Zamboni."

"I'm gunna have to cut your pants off."

"Start near the crotch, it's a better access point."

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