Big Bully Movie Lines

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"In this world, there are two kinds of animals, the hunters and the hunted. I was always in season."

"Could you please delay my beating 'till Thursday?"

"Start unpacking Beav..."

"Pack this Ward."



"This is Hoth, our shop teacher."

"Actually it's Ross, and it's industrial education."


"Ross is the father of ahh...."


"... Whatever."

"Don't go expecting everything to be the same around here. Town has changed a lot since you left."

"Really, how?"

"... We got a new Wal-mart."

"Yaa... She just hasn't been the same since I dropped her."

"You guys dated?"

"No, I mean I dropped her."

"Hey kids, you want to see me light my arm on fire!?"

"One of our own teachers is behaving like some high strung fourth grader. But why?"

"Crack. David Leary's got to be on crack."

"You're alive!"

"You're dead."

"What are you gunna do, style my hair?"

"Dad, are we really going to New York City?"

"Well, that's why they call them mobile homes son."

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