Best Epic Movie Lines

Best Epic Movie movie lines rating: PG-13

"This is the story of four orphans brought together by fate. They didn't know it yet, but there was something greater in store for them, something epic."

"I'm gunna drop you like K-Fed."

"Chachito come, teach him a lesson in humility."

"You are like a flavor of the beans going up your nose."

"I had it with these snakes on this muthafuckin' plane."

"Would you like to come to the home coming dance with me?"

"As if..."

"Talking to my girl numbnuts?"

"He's unleashing his powers."

"He's gunna spread angel wings."

"More like chicken wings."

"I love your legendary candy."

"I raised myself."

"And that's why you have such a tough exterior? And you're kinda bitchy."

"I'm a faun. Half man, half goat."

"You have her goatee."


"Always gotta have Kristal. For when Diddy's in the house. Yo Diddy!"

"I'm Tony Fauntana. You messing with me? You messing with the best."


"Something in my groin tells me you're not used to a talking beaver. My name is Harry Beaver."

"Mr. Tumnus was taken by the White Bitch."

"Hope you chicks are on the pill. Harry likes to get wasted, then show off his sorcerer stones."

"Captain Jack Swallows? That's kinda gay dude."

"I'mda Borat. This a my country of Narnia. It's nice!"

"She's my sister. She is number four faun prostitute in all of Narnia. Nice!"

"Dutch oven!!"

"I'm gonna go Jackie Chan on your ass."

"Have your Dr. Phil moment later. Now get out of here!"

"Tomorrow we fight. So tonight we party!"

"I can change my form into anything. What do you like?"

"Big hooters... with silver dollar nipples?"

"Make a beaver hole. Move your but out my face. Hot moist beaver coming through. May I present the kings and queens of Narnia: Peter the Heroic, Susan the Just. Edward the Loyal and Lucy the Dumbshit. All hail!"

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