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"They can't kill me before breakfast?"

"You're in hell little man... and I am the devil!"

"You're not the devil... You're practice."

"If you make yourself more than a man. If you devote yourself to an ideal... and if they can't stop you. Then you become something else entirely."

"Which is?"

"Legend, Mr. Wayne."

"Tomorrow you will be released. If you are bored of brawling the petty thieves, and want to achieve something; there is a rare blue flower that grows on the eastern slopes. Pick one of these flowers. If you can carry it to the top of the mountain, you may find what you were looking for in the first place."

"And, what was I looking for?"

"Only you can know that..."

"Death does not wait for you to be ready! Death does is not considerate, or fair! And make no mistake: here, you face Death!"

"Why do we fall, Bruce? So we can learn to pick ourselves up."

"Do you still feel responsible for your parents guilt?"

"My anger outweighs my guilt."

"You no how to fight six men. We can teach you to engage six hundred... You know how to disappear. We can teach you to become truly invisible."


"Ninja understands that invisibility is a matter of patience, and agility."

"Theatricality and deception are powerful agents. You must become more than a man, in the eye's of your opponent."

"Your anger gives you great power. But, if you let it... it will destroy you."

"This is a world you'll never understand. And you always fear... what you don't understand."

"Shoulda' did betta!"

"Where would I be leading these men?"

"Gotham... As Gotham's favorite son, you will be ideally placed to strike at the heart of criminality."


"Gotham's time has come. Like Constantinople, or Rome before it. The city has become a breeding ground for suffering and injustice. It is beyond saving, and must be allowed to die... This, is the most important function of the League of Shadows."

"I will tell him, you saved his life."

"Don't 'spose you want a taste. I just keep offerin. Thinkin' someday you'll get wise."

"I'm no rat! ... In a town this bent, who's there to rat to anyway."

"Watch for my sign."

"You're just one man?"

"... Now we're two."

"So, what do ya think?"

"Does it come in black?"

"Bats frighten me. It's time my enemies shared my dread."

"Ignorance is bliss, my friend. Don't burden yourself with these secrets of scary people."

"What the hell are you?"

"... I'm Batman."

"Who are you?"

"Someone like you. Someone who'll rattle the cages."

"Rachel all of... All this... It's... It's not me... It's... Inside... I am... I am more."

"It's not who you are underneath. It's what you do, that defines you."

"Would you like to see my mask? I use in my experiments. Oh... probably not very frightening to a guy like you. But these crazies, they can't stand it!"

"So, when did the nut take over the nut house?!"

"You know how it is Mr. Fox. You're out at night looking for kicks; somebody's passing around a weaponized halucinagen..."

"My boss has been missing for two days. Which, in this town means I should probably start by looking at the bottom of the river."

"I'm merging your department with 'Archives'. And, I'm firing you... Didn't you get the memo?"

"I gotta get me one of those..."

"If someone stands in the way of true justice. You simply walk up behind them, and stab them in the heart."

"It's not what I am underneath... but what I do that defines me."

"If you'll excuse me, I have a city to destroy."

"I won't kill you. ... But I don't have to save you!"

"Your real face, is the one criminals now fear..."

"I never said thank you..."

"And you never will."

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