Alpha Dog Movie Lines

Alpha Dog movie lines rating: R

"A drug dealer? No. Did he sell a little weed? Ya..."

"Alright. I'm a tax payer and a citizen. And you ...are a jerk off? Did I tell you that?"

"You gotta plow some fuckin' fields. Did you hear me you fuckin' fruitcake? ... He's a great kid."

"I could crack that open like a peach."

"Are you fucking kidding me? You're a fucking dinosaur, Cosmo. C'mon you're dead, you can't do anything. Christ, your balls are all wrinkled up..."

"I will take you down to hell with me!"

"Kids older brother owes Truelove money, and Johnny's holdin' him like a marker or something until he gets paid."

"That's fucked up."

"Sounds pretty fuckin' dubious."

"You mean abducted; kidnapped?"

"Fuckin' stolen, ask him!"

"Ya ya... they took me but... it's ok."

"So you're like... ransom."

"That's hot."

"It's ok. It's like another story to tell my grandchildren."

"Stolen boy."

"Stolen boy..."

"We can't just take a kid a have no one notice."

"That's what I told you. Didn't I say that? Fuck..."

"What do you mean fucked?"

"Jail fucked, motherfucker."

"Can't we just grease the kid? You know, tell him he can hang out anytime. That he's our boy. Throw a fuckin' arm around him or somethin."

"Give him a few bucks."

"We ain't got nothin' to talk about."

"Oh I think we do, don't you?"

"There's nothin' to straighten out, motherfucker I know it was you. Johnny, I know. I know! And your dead."

"Don't threaten me."

"Fuck that, it's a promise! No matter where you go. No matter what you do. I'm gunna hunt you down and then I'm gunna slit your throat. And then I'm gunna cut you open and I'm gunna eat your motherfuckin' heart!"

"Eh... Cock and balls, what can I do for you?"

"Listen let me tell ya somethin. If you see me, you don't wanna fuckin' see me!"

"They killed my son for twelve hundred dollars..."

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