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"To find something, anything, a great truth or a lost pair of glasses, you must first believe there would be some advantage in finding it. I found something a long time ago, and have held on to it for grim death ever since. I owe my success in life to it... it put me where I am today. This principle: what you don't know, won't hurt you. They called it idealism, in a book I read."

"Sometime... ain't never now."

"I stood out there on that street corner. Pencil in one hand, paper in the other. Trying to show people the numbers. But, you stop people out there in that hot, try and show'em arithmetic? Well, they can't see it so clear from their own eyes, from their own hard labor."

"I'm goin' to keep the faith, Mr. Burden, that's what I'm goin' to do. I'm gunna keep the faith in the people, because you know why? Time brings all things to life... I trust it so."

"Can I sit with you?"

"Or anything else..."

"Sometimes a man can want somethin' so bad, he's so full of want, he plain forget what it is he want."

"I'm runnin' for Governor, on my own! I'm comin' for'em. And I'm comin' for blood!"

"If you don't vote... you don't matter!"

"You are a hick! And nobody helped a hick, except a hick his self!"

"They ain't the power. The power is in the hands of the powerless, and they have handed it to me."

"Only way to not know, is to not wanna know."

"You'll be back. The world is full of slut's on skates."

"You only get a couple moments that determine your life. Sometimes only one. Then it's gone. Forever."

"I need judge Irwin with me. Or, at least not against me. So whatever it is, 'that you don't have on him'... use it."

"There's always a price, for everything we do."

"You know I could hurt you, Jack. Like you're trying to hurt me. I could say something. I could tell you something, that would hurt... but I won't."

"After any great trauma or crisis, after the shock subsides and the nerves stop twitching, you settle down into the new condition of things. Because, you know the possibility of any more change has been used up. You've seen the pattern finally, because you've stepped back far enough to take in the whole picture. But it's to late now, to do anything but accommodate yourself to it. And that's it. There's nothing left to do or say. Except God and nothing have a lot in common. The End. ... What you don't know, is that you're wrong..."

"Nail up any bastard that gets between you, and the roads and the bridges and the schools and the food you need! You give me the hammer, and I'll do it!"

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