Alien Resurrection Movie Lines

Alien Resurrection movie lines rating: R

"My mommy always said there were no monsters, no real ones, but there are..."

"Bottom line is, she looks at me funny one time, I'm putting her down. Ok as far as I'm concerned, number eight is a meat by-product."

"She'll breed. You'll die."

"I'll give you my authorization code, it's E-A-T-M-E."

Jesus Christ, Johner! What do you put in this shit, battery acid?"

"Just for color."

"Why would they move?"

"They won't. If they send anyone out it'll be ahh... here. Where the meat is."

"Any serious problem and the ship auto-pilots back to home base."

"And you were planning on letting us know this?"

"Nobody asked."

"What's home base?"


"Hey Ripley, I heard you like ran into these things before."

"That's right."

"Wow man... so like what did you do?"

"I died."

"There is a monster in your chest. These guys hijacked your ship, and they sold your cryotube to this... human, and he put an alien inside of you. It's a really nasty one. And in a few hours it's gunna burst it's way through your rib cage and you're gunna die."

"Hey Reese, you gotta socket wrench? Maybe she just needs an oil change... I can't believe I almost fucked it."

"Ya... like you've never fucked a robot!"

"Why do you care what happens to them?"

"Because... I'm programmed too."

"You're programmed to be an asshole? You're the new asshole model they're putting out? C'mon..."

"I used to be afraid to dream but not anymore."


"Because no matter how bad the dreams get, when I wake up it's always worse."

"It's not right..."

"I've been saying that all day."

"I thought you were dead?"

"Ya... I get that a lot."

"Hey! I'm not the mechanic here Einstein! I mostly just hurt people!"

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