Adam And Evil Movie Lines

Adam And Evil movie lines rating: R

"It was an accident. You did everything you could..."

"I'm not sure I did..."

"I love sausage."

"Ya... foot longs."

"I'm busted... I definitely want to get down your pants. But, can you blame me?"

"Sweet mother of God!"

"To our graduation... to the best party weekend, forever."

"Blood and guts, spewed all over the place. Looked like spaghetti and meat sauce."

"Can you say freak show..."

"I'm the caretaker."

"Ya? More like the stalker."

"Sounds like the bullfrogs are getting more action than I am."

"That son of a bitch thinks I'm going down without a fight, he's dead wrong! I don't scare that easy, and I'm really pissed off."

"Who's out there? You want a piece of me?"

"Nobody messes with me in my castle."

"Shoot me instead, you crazy bitch!"

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