28 Weeks Later Movie Lines

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28 Weeks Later movie lines rating: R

"Who were chasing you?"

"My mom. My Dad. They tried to kill me."

"Control room, this is General Stone. All forces under my control prepare to execute 'Code Red' on my command."

"We have an outbreak of the infection in medical center. All units; safeties off."

"Execute 'Code Red'."

"Abandon selective targeting. All targets are now free."

"Confirm order?"

"Roof top units target everyone at ground level. No exceptions. Repeat: no exceptions."

"Doyle! I got two fuckin' zombies... aaah!!"

"I saw Dad..."


"He's one of them."

Movie Review

Director: Juan Carlos Fresnadillo

Writers: Rowan Joffe, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, Jesus Olmo and Enrique Lopez Lavigne

Released: May 11, 2007

Movie length: 101 minutes

Cast: Catherine McCormack - Alice Harris

Robert Carlyle - Donald Harris

Amanda Walker - Sally

Shahid Ahmed - Jacob

Garfield Morgan - Geoff

Emily Beecham - Karen

Beans El-Balawi - Boy in Cottage

Jeremy Renner - Sgt. Doyle

Harold Perrineau - Flynn

Rose Byrne - Maj. Scarlet

Imogen Poots - Tammy Harris

Mackintosh Muggleton - Andy Harris

Meghan Popiel - DLR Soldier

Idris Elba - Gen. Stone

Stewart Alexander - Military Officer

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