10th & Wolf Movie Lines

10th & Wolf movie lines rating: R

"We all grow up looking for somebody to believe in. For me it was my father. He was my hero. The day after my twelve birthday I found my father killed people for a living... He was a made member of the mafia."

"I swear, on Saint fuckin' Anthony, if you put too much cranberry juice in it this time, I'm gunna kill your whole fuckin' family."

"I vowed a long time ago, I was never become what my father was. Now, I was going home to become something worse."

"Vincent slow down, eating doesn't make you taller, it makes you fat."

"Go fuck your hand."

"That's what we call him around here. Ricky jerk off. You know why?"


"Well, 'cause he's a jerk off."

"The condominium where you reside has been quarantined due to an outbreak of rats."


"Yes, big fat stinky rats concentrated in your bedroom area."

"Vincent get out here, we got a big fat fuckin' rat!"

"Hey... drop by anytime you guys, Monday's scumbag nights, drinks are half price, bring your friends... ya know?"

"They say what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. Maybe that's true. Maybe it isn't. I only know this; It has to make you better, it has too."

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